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A mother,father, 10 year old boy and a mini pincher went to see the grand canyon for a family vacation. As they stood there gazing at the view a eagle swoops down and tries to take off with the dog. The Father with his quick reflexives reaches and holds on to the dog not realizing that he was about to go over the edge. The mother seeing this reaches over and grabs the father. Sadly she loses her footing and they all fall off the edge and die. The 10 year old son having just witnessed the whole thing starts crying and crying. A man passing by ask the boy "whats wrong?"

The boy starting sobering about how the eagle tried to take the dog, the dad grabbed the dog, mom grabbed dad and how they all fell off the edge.

As the man starts unzipping his zipper he says to the boy "man today is just not your day."
markie554 Uploaded 03/11/2009
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