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Pope joke

In the 1500's the Pope comes down with a mysterious illness.

The doctors, with their primitave medical knowledge search for weeks and finally decide on a cure.

The holy father will have to have sexual intercourse with a woman to cure this mysterious disease.

They take their finding to the Pope and after 3 days of praying and fasting, he decides that God wants him to cure himself, for the good of the Catholic people and tells the doctors he agrees to the treatment, but only under strict guidelines:

1. The woman must not be married. According to the ten commandments, adultry is a sin.

2. The woman must not be Catholic. It would be a bigger sin for a Catholic woman than a non-catholic woman.

3. The woman must be blind. This way, no matter her faith, she will never know that I am the Pope.

4. Big tits
rick2580 Uploaded 03/14/2009
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