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A middle aged couple are sitting in a fancy restaurant on a Friday night.

All of a sudden a beautiful blond 22 year old woman walks by the table and touches the man's face as she does. "Hi Tom" she says in a sexy voice.

"Who the hell was that??!" the wife demands.

Oh her? She's my prostitute. I see her twice a week.

The wife is livid. "I can't believe you would do this to me! I want out of this marriage!"

The man replies, "That's fine, but remember we have a pre-nuptial agreement and if we divorce, the house, the cars, the credit cards, the fancy trips all go away."

Just then the man's best friend walks into the restaurant with a gorgeous red head. The wife says "Now who the hell is that with Bill??"

"Oh, that's Bill's prostitute."

The wife leans in to the husband and says "I think ours is prettier."
rick2580 Uploaded 03/21/2009
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