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The Easter Game

The Good Friday Game
[Jesus has entered the game]
[Satan has entered the game]
Server admin: God
Satan: Oh Hai
Jesus: lol hi
...Satan launches cross attack...
Jesus: hey thats not very nice!
Satan: shut up you n00b
Jesus: I am not a n00b!
Satan: zomg I p0wnz0rd Jesus! Yay! \o/
Jesus: whatever n00b, brb
Satan: lol ok
[Jesus has left the game]
3 days later....
Jesus: Im back n00b
Satan: zomg hax!!!!
Jesus: I haz God p0w3rz n00b!!! you got pwnd lol
[Satan has left the game]

Admin: hahaha good job Jesus!
Jesus: lol thanks
Admin: Well come back over to my place
Jesus: ok
[Jesus has left the game]
[Admin logged off]
crackabone Uploaded 04/10/2009
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