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a tour of heaven

Mark died and went to the here after.
Saint Peter met him at the pearly gates and preceeded to give him a tour of heaven.
"In this room you can see all your loved ones who passed away before you." stated Saint Peter.
" This room is the Lords library." said Peter "In here you will find every great novel ever written by all the greatest authors."
"This is the kitchen, in here you can feast on everything your heart desires." he remarked.
"The next room is our gym. Here you can excel in any sport you wish to play." Saint Peter said.
Then quietly sneaking by the next room Peter whispers, "Be very quiet when you pass by this room."
"Why's that?" asked Mark, "Are the angels sleeping in there?"
"No." replied Saint Peter, "In this room are the Baptists, and they think they are the only ones here."
idontwannakno Uploaded 04/29/2009
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