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Drinking too much on hunting trip

John and Bill went on their annual camping and hunting trip.

John spent the first night drinking beer and talking about how many deer he hoped to shoot.

The next morning they got up early, John wasn't feeling good, so Bill went off hunting without him.

John was so hung over that when he went to take a dump, he fell asleep sitting there on the log.

Bill got a deer early and came back to find John sleeping. As a joke he gutted the deer, put the insides under John, and left without waking him.

An hour later John wondered back into camp, his face white as a sheet.

"What's wrong?" asked Bill.

"I drank so much last night I shit my guts out," said John, "But by the
grace of God and a greasy stick, I got them all back in!"
mortgagemescott Uploaded 05/06/2009
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