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foreign guy

a foreign guy who doesn't speak english well walks into a hardware store, he walks up to the guy and says, "I would like an ass and fuck it'
the man replies "what?" and he repeats I would like an ass and fuck it"
"ooh you mean an ax and bucket" the man buys the ax and walks over next door to the pet store. to the person working at the counter, he says, "I would like a cock and spank it" the clerk, just like the other just replies what? annoyed the foreign man says, " I would like a cock and spank it" then the clerk said "ooh you want a cocker spaniel" (or whatever it's spelled as) finally he buys the dog and soon the dog runs away. he walks up to a man on the street and says "can you hold my ass and fuck it while i find my cock and spank it.
spunkyballs101 Uploaded 05/08/2009
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