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49er fan

It is a new school year and the teacher begins to introduce herself to the class.

“Well I am from California and I am a San Diego Chargers fan. I have been one all my life. Who here is a Charger fan?”

Everyone raises there hand except for one girl in the back.

The teacher asks her “Why didn’t you raise your hand?”

She replies, “I am not a chargers fan. I am a 49er fan.”

“Why are you a 49er fan?”

“Well my dad is from San Francisco and is a huge fan. And my mom is a 49er fan. So I am a 49er fan too.”

“Well just because your parents like them doesn’t mean you have to like the 49ers. What if your mom was a drug addict and your dad was a rapist? What would you be then?”

“Well then I would be a Raider fan.”
whatevurb Uploaded 05/17/2009
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