The president of a certain country went to the interior of that country--where there was no electricity, poor roads, and no form of telecommunication--to give his campaign speech.
The people spoke a different dialect to the native one. "We, the ruling party," said the president, "promise to provide electricity for the entire district."
Upon hearing the president's words, the people cheered, "Fombre!"
The president continued, "Not only will we provide electricity to the community, but we will also be installing telephones and telephone lines, and this will commence shortly."
Again, shrieks of "Fombre!" were heard, as the president anxiously awaited the resumption of his speech.
"We have also given careful thought to the repair of the roadways so as to facilitate better means of transportation and have allotted sufficient finances for the successful execution of this venture."
Shouts of "Fombre!" filled the air, as the president continued to lay it down with his words. After the speech, the president, with a content grin on his face, walked through the grassy terrain with his bodyguards, his interpreter, and a few of the officials.
One of the officials, spotting a pile of cow's dung in front of the president, cried out, "Mr. President, watch out for the fombre!"
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