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A restaurant owner is shutting down for the night when there is a knock at the door. He answers and a tramp asks him for a toothpick. He gives him the toothpick and the tramp goes off.
A few minutes later there is another knock on the door. When he answers there is a different tramp there who also asks him for a toothpick. The bewildered restaurant owner gives the tramp the toothpick and off the tramp goes.
There is a third knock on the door, and a third tramp. "Don't tell me, you want a toothpick, too?" says the restaurant owner.
"No, I'd like a straw, please."
The owner gives him a straw, but he is curious as to why he wants it, so he asks the tramp why he wants a straw and not a toothpick.
The tramp replies, "One of your patrons threw up outside, but all the good stuff is already gone."
roryorgan Uploaded 06/12/2009
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