Another Boy in a Whorehouse

One day a simple lad visits a brothel and knocks on the door and says to the Madam opening it,"I want a woman!" The Madam looks at him and says,"You want a woman, huh? Have you done this before?" the Madam asks, doubtful. "No," says the boy. The Madam laughs and says,"I'll tell you what, you go and practice with the knotholes in the trees and when you know what you're doing, you come back and see me." So the lad goes out and finds a knothole. Two weeks later he goes back to the brothel and says to the Madam, "I want a woman! I know how to do it now!" So the Madam sends him off with one of her girls. When they get to the room, the lad tells the girl to bend over and take off all her clothes. When she does, the lad takes out a length of wood and smacks her on the butt. "What the hell did you do that for?" asks the girl. "Checking for bees," replies the lad.
Uploaded 06/22/2009
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