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Greek Mythology

There is an ancient myth saying that there's a cliff on Mt.Olympus in Greece where all the Gods live and that that that cliff has special powers.
The power they say is that whatever is the last thing you say before jumping off the cliff is what you will be greeted within vast quantities.

So one day three friends go there to try. The first one gets nervous and runs off it screaming "MONEY!!!" He goes and lands in a HUGE mountain of money.
The second friend sees this and gets very excited and takes a long start run and goes as fast as he can and jumps off screaming, "BABES!!!!". He lands amongst a lot of beautiful women.
The third friend gets VERY VERY excited and takes a HUGE running start and goes as fast as he can. He's so excited that he's going at 15MPH when he comes to the edge and trips on a rock and says, "oh shit!"
rondetto Uploaded 06/30/2009
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