Mob Boss

A mob boss finds out his accountant has stolen millions from him.

He is furious. He gets his lawyer and goes to the accountant's office.

The mob boss sits down and says "Listen you little prick. I know you took millions from me and I want it back now!"

The accountant looks terrified, but doesn't say anything.

The mob boss pulls out his gun, stands up, puts the gun to the accountant's head and says "You got three fuckin' seconds to tell me where my money is!"

The lawyer says "Sir, he's deaf, but i know sign language."

The mob boss says "Ask that prick where my money is or I'll end him right here"

The lawyer signs to the accountant and tells him he needs to tell where the money is or he's going to die.

The accountant nervously signs back to the lawyer that all the money, all $5 million is buried in the yard behind his shed.

The mob boss says "what did he say?"

The lawyer pauses and says "He says you're too much of a pussy to pull the trigger."
Uploaded 07/05/2009
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