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My second Jonas Brothers collection

Q: What is worse than the Jonas Brothers jumping off a cliff?
A: Only two of them jumping off

Q: If the Jonas Brothers are getting a blow job, which kind of girl is it : a) black chick b)white chick c)asian chick d) mexican chick

A: None of the above. First of all, if its the Jonas brothers, it wouldn't be a chick at all

Q: What do smart people and homophobes have in common?

A: They both hate the Jonas Brothers.

Q: What do the Jonas Brothers, Jessica Alba, Brittney Spears, Megan Fox, and the Go-gos all have in comon?

A: Vaginas

Q: How did the gay assasin kill the Jonas Brothers?

A: He drenched his penis with cyanide
rockzilla411 Uploaded 08/02/2009
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