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Restrained Old man

An old bloke in the nursing home couldn't talk. One day, while he was sitting in a chair, a nurse walked by and noticed that he was leaning to the right. She sat him upright in his chair and told him to sit still. A while later, the nurse came by again, and this time she
noticed that he was leaning to the left. She straightened him up and told him again to sit still, or else he might fall out of his chair. The next time she made her rounds, she saw the old guy leaning forward, about to topple headfirst to the floor, so she tied him into
the chair for his own good.
Later on in the day, his daughter came to visit, and seeing her father strapped into his chair, asked him what was wrong.

The old bloke handed her a note, which she unfolded and read.
It said, "They won't let me fart."
yuri_vaultin Uploaded 08/11/2009
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