The 300 Game.

So a guy is walking down an alley when he sees a busty well-curved woman. He says "you are so hot can i have sex with you?" . The girl then looks at him surprised and says "What!? Hell no! Go the fuck away!". So the man says "I will pay you 50 dollars" and she says "Fuck off!" So the man then says "How about i pull out 300$, throw it on the ground and when you bend over to pick it up i can have my way with you, and ill stop as soon as you pick up the money." The woman then thinks about it and asks if she can call her boyfriend to see if its ok with him. The man says yes and she calls her boyfriend and explains that she will pick up the money before he can even get his pants down. Her boyfriend says ok and waits for her to call him back.... and waits...and waits. Finally 45minutes later she calls him and he asks "what happened?" She then says" That Fucker payed in quarters"
Uploaded 08/23/2009
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