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new black joke

A white man , a black man and a yellow chink get caught in the jungle by head hunters

They are told they are going to be whiped 50 times and if they can stand the pain they will be released, and they get one request

Black man bends over the pole and says he would like to hear marvin Gay while he is getting whiped

The chief puts on the song and they start the whiping, 23 lashes go by and he faints , take him down

Yellow chink bends over the pole and asks for a chicken curry, he eats it while getting whiped and only lasts 12 lashes, take him down

White man bends over the pole , chief says what do you want for your last request, white man says i want that black bastard on my back
guinness13494 Uploaded 10/04/2009
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