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Conservative Jokes

Why do Republican tax cuts always expire in ten years or less?
They want to make them thirty but keep running out of fingers.

Why do Republicans avoid living on the West Coast?
They're scared to live that close to the edge of the Earth.

Why didn't Republicans save any of the black New Orleans residents from the flooding of Hurricane Katrina?

They were busy trying to get two of each animal for their ark first and couldn't catch that damned roadrunner.

Why do Republicans never turn their most prestigious literature into a movie?
They wanted Waldo to play himself, but they just can't find him.

Why did Ronald Reagan typify the ideal candidate in the 2008 Republican presidential primary?
Because he's dead.

P.S. At least these are real political jokes, and not just remakes of blacks and blondes
rockzilla411 Uploaded 10/19/2009
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