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The Blonde and the Lottery

Once upon a time there was a blonde, a single mom who just lost her job. Being the religious person she is, she prayed to God to help her win the lottery. "Dear God, please,please,please help me win the lottery. I lost my job and I'm going to have to sell my house without the money."

Despite her prayers, she didn't win the lottery. Still she prayed to God again. "Please help me win the lottery. I sold my house, I'm going to have to sell my car, and my kids are going to starve"

Once again, she doesn't win the lottery. She prays to God a third time saying, "God, please, please, PLEASE, help me win the lottery! I sold both my car and my house, and now my kids are starving!" Suddenly she hears a booming voice from the sky and realizes this must be God talking. His voice said "Listen, work with me here, first, go buy a ticket."
rockzilla411 Uploaded 11/03/2009
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