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dinner table gas

A guy is having dinner at his girlfriends parents house, for the first time. He;s really enjoying his dinner, when all of a sudden, he lets a fart slip out.
The dad looks under the table and says, " Rover, get outta there"
The guy is relieved that the dog was blamed and decides its safe to let out another."ppppffftttt"
The dad looks under the table again and with a real angryt voice shouts" ROVER!!! Get outta there"
The guy doesnt want to get the dog in anymore trouble, so he decides not to fart again.
After the dinner, they are all having dessert and coffee. The guys stomach is going nuts with a fart thats been brewing for a while.So he decides to let it go."PPPPFFFFTTTT"
The dad looks under the table and yells " ROVER get outta there before he shits on ya"
oatdog_78 Uploaded 11/29/2009
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