The Camp

A man who lost everything in a poker game decides to join a nudist camp, leaving his mother and grandmother he lived with.
After the first few months he to writes a letter to his mother telling her he joined the army and left for Afghanistan immediately. A few weeks later a reply came from his mother telling him they miss him and to atleast send them a picture to remember him with.
Now since the only picture he had was one that was taken at the camp he decides to send her the part from the waist above. The mother replys that she got the picture but his grandmother also needed one. He looked in his belongings if he had one but couldn't find any. And remembering his grandmother having a bad sight he decides to send her the other half of the picture.
Then came the reply from the grand mother that said, ' I got the picture you sent me. But I couldnt quite figure out if your hairstyle makes your nose look longer.'
Uploaded 12/19/2009
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