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The two story bar

So there are these 2 guys sitting in a 2 story bar. They r on the top floor and this guy walks in, has a beer, and jumps out the window. The 2 guys r like wtf? couple seconds later the guy that jumped out the window comes back in completly unharmed, has a beer, and jumps out the window yet again. The 2 guys go to the window, but no one is there. couple second later the guy walks in again, has a beer, and as he is about to jump out the window the 2 guys stop him and ask "how r u doing that?" The guy replys "there is a vent down there that stops your fall so u wont get hurt, try it." So the 2 guys jump out the window and they die. The bartender says to the man "Damn superman your a dick when your drunk."
mrkinger18 Uploaded 02/24/2010
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