Time Of Crisis

Time of Crisis.

Guy comes to a bank to make a withdrawal. "I'd like to take out 2 thousand dollars out of my account, please." The cashier replies in a begging voice "Do you really need to?" The man is not surprised "I know this crisis is worse than a divorce - I've lost half my money and I'm still married to that cunt - but I need cash to pay in the restaurant."

The cashier doesn't give up and says "But you can use the credit card in a restaurant!" The customer replied "I'll need the cash to pay for the gas too." on which the cashier replied "The gas stations accept credit cards too."

The client got pretty angry and yelled out "What is wrong with you? That's my money! I earned it! I don't need to explain myself to you! What if I wanted to go to a whore house?"

The cashier's face suddenly brightened and he replied pointing at the female cashiers "Why go such a long way? Pick one here and we'll take the money out of your account."
Uploaded 03/16/2010
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