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Big Cowboy

Oldie but Goodie

One day a big cowboy was captured by the Indians. The Chief says "Ugh you big cowboy, you passum test and we no scalp you". The cowboy asks "Well whats the test?".............

The Chief explains "Go in tipi #1 drink much alcohol, come out ...Go in Tipi #2 pull abseth tooth on bear,,,come out and go in tipi #3 and have sex with squaw woman. Never have sex before".......

The big cowboy agrees and walks in tipi #1 and drinks,,,,about an hour later he comes out and staggers in tipi #2,,,,the bear growl, the cowboy screams, and the fur hour later the cowboy staggers out, clothes ripped to shreds, bleeding, and smoking a cigarette asking "Now where is that squaw with that absethed tooth?"...........
1_channelbob Uploaded 03/26/2010
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