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Lone ranger

Lone ranger was captured by Indians, and was given 3 requests before being executed.

He first asked to talk to Silver. The Indians knew how smart the horse was, so they stuck around to make sure they would not get away, so Lone Ranger was forced to whisper the message to Silver.

His second request was to let Silver go, and wait for the horse to come back. The Indians were still wary, so gave Silver 3 days to get back or LR will be killed.

Silver left ad after 2 days came back with a woman as easy on the eyes as they come. For his 3rd request, LR asked to talk to Silver alone. The Indians, impressed with the feat, gave LR 2 with Silver alone.

After all the Indians have left the duo, LR smacked Silver in the face, screaming, "What the fuck, i said "posse". "POSSE!!!""
tehbulatz Uploaded 04/14/2010
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