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Great hunter

One day a man walks by with chicken wire, and I ask him. "Hey what are you doing with that chicken wire, making a fence or something?" He says "No, I'm going chicken hunting with it." I replied " You don't hunt for chicken with chicken wire." He said you'll see. Half an hour later the guy walks by with two chickens and says "See I told you." The next day the same guy walks by this time with duck tape, So I ask "what are you doing with that duck tape?" He says "I'm going hunting for ducks." I said "that's not what duck tape is for that won't work." He laughs and walks away. Half hour later he walks by with two ducks. He says "see I told you duck tape works." The next day I see the same guy and say "what are you hunting with today?" He says "pussy willow." I say "hey wait a second let me get my coat."
maslow52 Uploaded 05/18/2010
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