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3 Guys On An Island

3 guys ended up on an island. Their ship went down and not a sign of help coming.

After a few days, they ran out of coconuts to eat. One of them came up with an idea that each day they can use one body part as food and maybe they can survive long enough for the rescue to come. They decided to pick straws to choose the order.

On the first day, the first guy chose to cut off his leg. The other two stitched him up and prepared the meat for dinner.

On the second day, the second guy chose to cut off his arm. The other guys stitched him and they all ate the arm.

On the third day, it was the third guy's turn. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis. Both the amputees were amused by this. "We're eating sausage today?" one of them asked. The guy smiled and replied "Nope. Yogurt."
P00KY Uploaded 06/06/2010
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