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The Body Dwellers

The Body Dwellers met to have a talk about the dangers of living in a woman's body.

"It's so difficult to live in the ear..." - Earwax Bob said - "Not with the constant fear of that giant pole with cotton attached. I barely escaped the last time it showed up."

"It' not easy living in teeth either..." - Cavity Steve replied - "Twice a day, a huge brush comes into the mouth and tries to get me! I am smart enough to find a niche and hide every time, though."

The two creatures looked at the third one and asked "What about you, Vagina Fungus Tom, does this happen too in the place you live?"

Vagina Fungus Tom replied "No, nothing like that. Though there is this bald jerk that jumps in, then out, then in again - like he can't decide wheter to stay or leave. He usually pukes all over the place and runs away."

Cavity Steve jumps up and says "Wait a minute. I know that son of a bitch!"
P00KY Uploaded 06/16/2010
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