Leper Girl At The Game

Guy decided to go on a baseball match. He sat down and was about to enjoy the game, when he noticed the young girl sitting next to him is a leper. He didn't want the girl to feel bad, so he stayed at his seet.

The guy couldn't resist looking at the girl's open wounds, which were oozing with pus. He tried concentrating at the game, but every few moments, he looked at the girl.

Suddenly, the guy puked. The girl saw that and said "Sir, I'm completely aware of my looks. I know you don't want to hurt my feelings, but it's fine. If you don't want to leave your seat, I'll just go and find another one. It's no big deal."

The guy replied "Oh no, it's fine! Please don't leave, it's alright."

Few moments passed and the guy puked again. The girl got angry and said "Seriously, I'll just switch places. It's obvious I'm bothering you!"

The guy replied "It's not you. It's the guy that's dipping his nachos in your shoulder!"
Uploaded 06/29/2010
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