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Cowboy and Centaur

A cowboy got thirsty and stopped by a saloon. He tied his horse to a post and went inside. He then ordered a glass of whiskey, soon followed by another.

The cowboy stayed for a few hours. When he was about to order another glass, a centaur suddenly busted into the saloon and shouts at the cowboy "You've had enough. Time to go home." The cowboy simply ignored the centaur and ordered another shot.

The centaur came closer and said "I'm serious. Finish this one and go home already!" The cowboy turned to him and said "Leave me alone."

The centaur got angry and shouted "Dad! Come on, it's time to go!"

The cowboy turned to him and said "Okay! Okay! Go untie your mother, I'll be there as soon as I finish this one."
P00KY Uploaded 10/26/2010
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