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Lie Detector Robot

One day, John came home with an unusual gift for his son, a robot lie detector. It was already diner time when his son Peter arrived home from school. Turning on the Robot, John quickly asked “Where have you been Peter?”, his son answered “We did a group project so we had to stay at school”, quickly, the robot went to Peter and slapped him, John angrily said “this Robot can detect lies, now tell us where you really went”, Peter now answered, “I went to Paul’s house and we watched the 10 Commandments for a movie review assignment” again the robot slapped Paul so hard that made him say quickly “ we watch porn! sorry I lied…” John said “I’m ashamed of you son, when I was your age I never watch porn and….” John was interrupted by a hard slap from the Robot…His wife Martha laughed so hard and said, “Don’t be too mad at Peter..after all his your son..” the Robot suddenly turned around and gave Martha a double slapped in the face…
gerren Uploaded 10/26/2010
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