Three Kick Rule

A lawyer went hunting in Texas when he shot a duck. He climbed over a fence to get the duck when a tractor with a old farmer asked him what he was doing. He told him he was gettin the duck and the old man said he couldn't because it was his property. the lawyer threatened to sue him but the old man told him that he could have the duck if he agreed to the 3 kick rule. The lawyer asked how it works. the farmer said u have 3 kicks at one person and then the other guy kicks until someone gives up. the lawyer thought he could beat up the old farmer and agreed. the farmer went first and kicked the lawyer in the balls causing him to lose his breath. then he kicked his face to the ground. then he aimed a hard kick at his kidney nearly causing him to give up. the lawyer said ok now it my turn. the farmer said 'i give up' u can have the duck.
Uploaded 12/23/2010
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