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Rejected Children's Book Titles

1. Debbie was so bad, her mom stopped loving her.

2. Why Billy has two daddies.

3. Johnny's adventure in the medicine cabinet.

4. Running with Scissors

5. Daddy drinks because you cry.

6. Billy was so bad, his Daddy left forever.

7. Why Mommy's Boyfriends Pay Her

8. Good KIds Don't Move the Crackpipe

9. Curious George: How He Contracted the Virus

10. The Little Pony Who Killed Kids and Drank Blood

11. Curious George and the Busy Intersection

12. Green Eggs and Ham: The Atkins Diet Revolution for Children

13. The Girl in the Tub Goes Blub (Dr Seuss)

14. When good kids tell (Michael Jackson)

15. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

16. 101 Things To Do at the Bottom of the Pool

17. Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will

18. The Pop-Up Book of Human Anatomy

19. Eric and Dylan's magic trenchcoat.

20. Things Chris L would love to do with Katy Steele but she'll never go for.

21. You're different... that's bad
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