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How to Use Profanity in Latin

Fun at parties; impress your local clergyman with the following:

I futue te ipsi: Go fuck yourself.

Ede faecam, cinaede: Eat shit, faggot.

Suge meum penem, cunne: Suck my dick, cunt.

Trude id sursum tui cunni, faexnigre: Shove it up your cunt, shitnigger.

Futuere (foo-too-AY-ray): Get fucked.

Morde meum globes: Bite my balls.

I fututus et mori in igni: Fuck off and die in a fire.

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo (by Catullus): I'll ram my cock up your ass and throat-fuck you.

Futue (FOO-tweh): Fuck
Faex (Fikes): Shit
Cane (CON-eh): Bitch
Deodamnatus (DAY-o dom-NOT-us): Goddamn
Cunne (CUN-eh): Cunt
Nigre: Nigger
Filius canis: Son of a bitch
Filiolus canis: Sawed off son of a bitch

Remember that in Classical Latin (pre-Catholicism) all Cs are hard as in "cot."

All As are sharp, as in "hard."

All Os are long, as in "low."

"Ae" is a long I, as in "bright."

All Vs are pronounced as Ws. Thus "vos," as above, is pronounced "wose."
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