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Texas Gun Law

A man with a concealed weapons permit is traveling aimlessly across Texas. Around Houston he gets pulled over by a State Trooper.

The trooper asks for his ID and asks him if he has any weapons or drugs he needs to know about in the vehicle.

The man says, "Well, yeah. Here's my permit, I've got a .38 revolver strapped to my right ankle. I got a .45 on this shoulder holster, and a little one-shot derringer in my left pocket. I also got a 30-06 in the backseat, and an AR-15 in my trunk. That's it."

The trooper inspects the permit and calls it in, and after being satisfied, goes back to the vehicle. "Sir, are you on your way to, or from, a gun range?"

The guy spits a wad of chew into an empty cup before saying, "Well, hell no, I can't afford range fees."

"OK, you carry around all these guns, then what the hell are you so afraid of?"

The guy stares dead ahead and says, "Not a goddamn thing officer."
joshmeister Uploaded 06/05/2011
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