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so one day god decides that there are to many people in heaven so he decides that for one day the person who died the most horrible death can enter, so he asks the first person who walks up,"How did you die?" the first man responds, "well i had been suspecting that my wife had been cheating on me for several week already and when i got home today i thought i heard someone when i went to the balcony to check i find a man hanging there on my 26th floor balcony so I start stabbing his fingers with a knife he falls of but the bastard survives so i threw the fridge down and all the stress associated with this killed me." so then god asks the second man "how did you die?" the second man responds, "well i was in my 27th floor apartment working out when i accidentally slip and fall of my balcony luckily i was able to grab on to the balcony from the room under but then this man came up and started stabbing my fingers so i fell but luckily fell on some bushes but then the bastard threw the refrigerator down and killed me." so then god asks the third man, "how did you die?" the third man responds, "imagine being naked inside a refrigerator.
JamesHowlett Uploaded 06/22/2011
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