Annoying Wife.

So a man gets pulled over by a police officer for speeding with his blonde wife in the car.....

The officer says " Did you know that you were doing 75 in a 50mph zone?!?!"

The man says "Actually I was doing 55"

The wife says " oh honey don't lie you knew you were speeding."

The man gives his wife a dirty look.

The officer says " I'm also going to have to give you a fine for having a broken tail light"

The man replies " I had no idea about the light"

The wife says "Oh honey you knew about that for weeks"

The man gave his wife another dirty look.

The officer says "And i have to ticket you for having an expired registration"

The man says "We were on our way to renew it"

The wife says "No,we were going to a movie"

The man turned to his wife and screamed "WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE GETTING ME ALL OF THESE TICKETS!!!! "

The officer asks the wife " Miss does your husband always talk to you like this?

The wife says " only when he's drunk"
Uploaded 08/16/2011
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