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Blonde in a hail storm

A blonde got caught in a hail storm and her car got dented pretty badly. She went to a body shop to have the damage looked at, and the guy there decided to have a little fun with her since she was blonde.

"The repairs will cost you about $3000, but you can save that money by doing the repairs yourself," he said.

Interested in saving that kind of money, she asked how.

"Well, you take your car home, park it in the driveway, lay down behind it and blow into the tail pipe and all the dents will pop out," he said.

So when she gets home, her blonde friend drives up and asks what she's doing laying in the driveway behind her car. So she explains about getting caught in the hail storm, and the guy at the body shop telling her how to save $3000, but she's getting frustrated because it doesn't seem to be working...

Her blonde friend says, "Well DUH!, you have to roll the windows up!"
itchycods Uploaded 08/03/2008
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