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Religious Anecdote Joke

Sometime ago there was a Christian man who lived in a well-respected community. This place was prone to various bad weather changes and one day there came a terrible hurricane. It devastated the town and the people sought refuge and most were trying to evacuate the place. The Christian man though sat content in his home and gave the wind and weather no heed. There started a flood where people had relief by means of a life boat to move them out of the water but the man refused to get in it saying it was okay, God would rescue him. Later, the bridges went out and traffic was stranded on land so a train arrived on its track to pick up the surviving people. Instead of loading into it to leave, the Christian man refused again saying that not to worry, God would rescue him. Soon after, the storm got more intense and the man was at the top room of his house which was being caved in by a tornado. A helicopter came to lift him away to safety but the man still turned the rescuers down telling the pilot to have no fear that God would save him. Most everybody was taken to safety except the man who soon died from the water flooding and the weather. Up in Heaven, he asked the Lord God why it was that God didn't come to the man's rescue at which the Lord told him what did he mean by that? "I sent a boat, a train and a helicopter to save you and you refused to take them all!"
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