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Superman was flying around metropolis, he was thinking that he needed a fuck and lois lane just wasn’t doing it for him anymore, so he decided to find someone who could give him what he needed

He flew to gotham city and asked Batman who he thought the best fuck in the universe was...and he replied Wonder Woman!! definately no doubt!

Superman decided to get a second opinion so he went to ask Spiderman and he said the same...
So Superman flew off to see if he could find Wonder Woman...he saw her lying in a field..naked with her legs wide open...Superman decided that he could swoop down at the speed of sound and be in and out before she noticed anything..

So he gets the speed up and flies,out,in,out and flew away again...quick as a flash....Wonder Woman sat up and said what the hell was that??! and the Invisible Man replies...
i haven’t got a clue but my asse is killing me!
JennyCrab420 Uploaded 08/05/2008
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