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Exit from Eden

After Eve talked Adam into eating from the forbidden tree God appeared to cast them from Eden. Originally God had only intended on making Adam, and Eve was to keep him company, so now he had to scramble a new plan. "Adam" God said "no longer will you enjoy eternal life, you will need to learn how to be fruitful, and multiply". This new idea confused Adam so God decides to demonstrate. God instructs Adam to take notes while he knocks the bottom out of Eve. Adam nods his head and lets God know that he thinks he understands everything and God leaves them. About two weeks later God returns to see how things are going and he runs into Adam first. "Adam, my son, how goes it?" says God. "Great" replied Adam "the whole fruitful multiplying thing is going great" "Well where is Eve now?" asks God. "Oh she is down in the river cleaning herself up" answered Adam. "SHIT, DAMN,FUCK,AWWGGGHH" screamed God "no
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