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Johnny learns new words

One night young Johnny wakes up scared in the middle of the night.
He walk into his parents room to find them having sex.
His mother screams out "OH I LOVE YOUR BALLS"
His Father screams out " OH I LOVE YOOUR TITS"

Johnny then ask his parents "Mom,Dad, what are balls and tits"
To keep johny from knowing adult material at such a young age they tell him that balls are hats and tits are coats.

The Next day his parents are fighting.
His Mom yells " YOUR A BASTARD!"
His Dad yells "WELL YOUR A BITCH!"
once again Johnny ask his parents what Bitch and Bastard mean.
His Parents tell him that Bastards are nice men, and bitches are lovely ladies.

The next morning is thanksgiving, Johny goes into the kitchen where his mom is preparing the turkey.
She cuts herself and screams out "FUCK"
Johnny ask her what this word means.
she tells him its another word for stuffing.

Johnny then walks into the bathroom while his dad
BuddahStomper Uploaded 08/17/2008
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Tags: sex language


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