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Dwarf Sex

Two dwarves are walking through the back streets after a heavy night on the town when they pass a brothel. One looks at the other. “What do you reckon? Should we finish the night with a bang?” he asks. “Yeah, why not?” replies the other, so they go in, pick the girls they want and head up to the rooms. The first dwarf is in a bit of a drunken state, and no matter what the young lady does he just can’t get an erection. To make it worse, he’s right next door to his friend and his young lady, and all he can hear from the other room is “one… two… three… huuuurrrgh! One… two… three… huuuurrrgh!” Eventually he apologises to the girl, pays and leaves. The next day the two dwarves meet up and share their stories. “It was so embarrassing,” says the first dwarf, “I just couldn’t get it up.” “You think that’s bad?” retorts the second, “I couldn’t even get onto the bed!”
SQWA99 Uploaded 08/17/2008
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