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four nuns

There were 4 nuns who had died and gone to heaven.
At the door they met St. Peter. The first nun walkes up and St. Peter asks her if she has any sins she would like to confese and she's says yea I touched a mans privates with my hand, he tells her well dip your hand in the holy water hand go on in.
Well, the second nun walks up and like the first he askes her if she too had any sins to confese, she says yea I touched a mans privates with both of my hands, and he tells her to dip her hands in the holy water and go on in. Well, when it came to the third and fourth nun they were pushing and shuving each other and St. Peter asked them what was going on and the fourth nun tells him she's not goin to dip her mouth in the water after the third nun dips in her ass!
ashxo08 Uploaded 08/19/2008
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