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Getting respect

A guy moves to Alaska and realizes that the people their dont respect him. So he asked a guy, how to get these people to respect me? So the guy says first you have to GUZZLE down a gallon of vodka without flinching, then you have to go KILL a polar bear and finally have SEX with an Eskimo woman. The guy says fine, he takes the gallon and turns the bottle up and finishes it without a flinch. Stumbling and slurring, now how do I find this bear. Well sir, go up the path and you'll find a cave and he'll be in there. Then off he goes. 2 hours later he comes back, beat up, clothes shredded all to hell. Damn man, well how did it go? Fine! He where is this Eskimo woman you want me to kill?
TheWarMachine74 Uploaded 08/28/2008
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