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Greatest Invention

The Greatest Invention Ever

Three guys, an office guy, a mechanic, and a black guy, are sitting at a bus stop discussing the greatest invention ever.

The mechanic says, "That's easy; the automobile. It opened up society and changed our way of life. Offshoots such as the truck changed distribution, the development of cities, rural areas, and suburbs."

Office guy says, "No, it was the telephone. It revolutionized communications, made anyone accessible to anyone else, anywhere in the world."

Black guy says, "You guys are both wrong. It's the thermos."

They both looked at him and said "Let's hear it."

He said "Well when you put something hot in there it stays hot right?"

Other guys, "Yeh"

Then he said "And when you put something cold in there it stays cold right?"

Other guys, "Yeh, it's a thermos."

The black guy said, "Yeh but how do it know?"
dcos Uploaded 09/01/2008
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