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Racial Plane Ride

A plane is decreasing speed rapidly downward, the pilot comes over the intercom and says 'i'm sorry it had to come to this folks, but unfortunately we're gonna have to let some of the luggage go'...the plane continues to decrease speed. Again you hear the pilot over the intercom 'i hate to have to do this, but now we're gonna have to start releasing passengers by alphabet order beginning with the letter 'A!!!'...AFRICANS, ANY AFRICANS?!?... No one answers 'B!!!' BLACK PEOPLE ANY BLACK PEOPLE?!? again, silence.!!! ' C!!' COLORED PEOPLE, ANY COLORED PEOPLE?!?...silence. A black boy in the back turns to his mother and says 'but mom, aren't we african american?, aren't we black? Aren't we colored? the mother turns to her son and says yes son, but today we NIGGAS!!!...mexicans go first. The little black boy turns to the little mexican kid sitting next to him and laughs......!!! The mexican
kids laughs back and says nigga I'm a WETBACK.
Eastside_Dave Uploaded 09/01/2008
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