The Old Rooster

A chicken farmer noticed that his rooster of several years was getting very old and slack in his job. He decied to go to the market and buy a new one. A little while later he comes back with a young, tall, strong, strutting rooster. He let him out into the yard to get acquianted with the hens.

The old rooster took notice of the young one approaching and waddled over to him. "Instead of fighting for the hens I'll make you a deal. If you can beat me in a race of three laps around the house and give me a headstart i'll surrender the hens to you without a problem."

The young rooster agreed and they were off! The old rooster ran as fast as he could, screaming and crying why the young rooster closed the gap. After two laps the young rooster was right on his tail. Just as they passed the front door *BAM*!! The young rooster was knocked over--dead.

"Damnit!" said the farmer. "That's the fourth gay rooster I've bought this month!"
Uploaded 09/11/2008
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