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A little too late

Bill Clinton died at the same time that the Pope did. Unfortunately there was a mixup and Bill went to heaven and the pope went to hell. When he arrived the pope went to the administration and told them there had to be some kind of mistake. The clerk checked all the records, noticed the mistake, and apologized. "I'll get this sorted out right away."

An hour later the pope left hell and bill descended from heaven. They met in the middle and the pope said, "I'm so excited to go to heaven!"

Bill said, "Yeah it's pretty good but what are you so excited about?"

The pope replied, "I've been wanting to meet the virgin mary my whole life!"

Bill smiled and shook his head before continuing past the pope into hell. He called over his shoulder, "You're about thirty minutes too late!"
Shadeofdespair Uploaded 09/12/2008
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