there was a man who just ate and ate and ate. one time he all of a sudden he lost a lot of weight .So he goes to the doctor. The doctor tells him he has 5 weeks to live due to a tape worm. So he asks if theres any who can help him ,the doctor sais well there is one guy. so the next day he goes to the persons house that was supposed to help him. The man sais "i cant help u today but come tomorrow with a twinkee and a banana. so he comes the next day with the things the man asked for .The man sais"pull down your pants and bend over" he's like "WHAT" .The man sais "do want to be healed" so he bends down he shoves the twinkee and banana up his butt he sais"come tomorow with the same things" so he does and the man repeats the process. He sais come tomorow with a banana and a bat. the guy goes home scared. The day passes and he comes with the things the man asked for he bends over the man puts the banana up his butt ,takes it out and puts it all t
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